This technique was named as 'Bai' because it retains the three-dimensional appearance of a shellfish.

Steamed only on the part that is not tied, and the tied part has a three-dimensional. The material is silk georgette, so it feels soft and fluffy.

Since the three-dimensional effect remains, various wearing ways are possible!

It is a three-dimensional work, so it will stretch when washed with water.

If you want to leave a three-dimensional effect, dry clean without pressing.

After using it for many years, if you dare to iron it, the three-dimensional effect will disappear, but the pattern will not disappear, so you can enjoy using it with a different texture.

You can use it in the four season because it is a thin cloth.

Pearl tone processed (water repellent)

technique: Bai shibori

material: silk100%

size: 54cm x 170cm

bai shibori purple


    *Each piece is a hand dyed. It may be a little different because it is a "dying" unlike printed matter on paper. Also, the color of the image may differ slightly from the actual one depending on the environment of your computer. Please note.