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Shibori class at the museum

Learn and enjoy shibori 


let's make wonderful memories

and works with us!!

The Kyoto Shibori Museum's shibori class is to avoid close contact between customers.

You can enjoy the class in the private space of each group.


Fukusa course

Challenge:★★★★★ Surprise:★★★ Tradition:★★★★★


Fee   :5,500円税込

Duration:60 minutes ~ 90 minutes

​Material :Silk(40cm x 40cm)

An advanced course. You can try and learn Kyoto style Kasamaki shibori (winding technique) and Nuishime shibori (knotting technique).

写真 2022-04-13 14 51 58.jpg

Itajime shibori course

​Challenge:★★★ Surprise:★★★★★ Tradition:★★★★


Fee   :4,400 yen

Duration:30 minutes ~ 60 minutes

​Material :Silk georgette(180cm x 46cm)

The most popular course. You can dye a multiple colored scarf in 30 minutes. Enjoy the infinite pattern. Please enjoy the traditional technique that have continued since the Nara period. 


Kyoto Shibori Crafts Museum

Features of tie-dyeing experience

1. Take home the work on the spot on the day

A work that will be a lifetime memory will be completed. Ideal for Kyoto souvenirs for your family

2. Excellent transportation access

Near the world heritage "Nijo Castle" Please visit before or after visiting the castle! (5 minutes on foot)

5-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line "Nijojo-mae Station"

10 minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station on the Karasuma Subway Line

5 minutes from city bus, Kyoto bus "Horikawa Oike bus stop"

3. Learn the world's oldest traditional crafts in Kyoto (pre-learning system)

Groups who can spend a lot of time in the museum can see the large-scale works created by Kyoto tie-dye craftsmen at the attached museum, and learn about the history and process of tie-dyeing.

Q&A time is also available upon request.

(The director and deputy director of this museum have been involved in tie-dyeing for many years and have also taught at Doshisha Women's University.)

In addition, the staff also produces tie-dyed works every day. Please feel free to ask questions to the iris technicians.

What is the pre-learning system (limited to school trips):

If you make a reservation for the experience, we will send you a DVD that introduces the squeezing technique for pre-learning to the school.

If you take a look at the 8-minute digest version included, you will be able to easily understand the techniques of Kyoto tie-dyeing craftsmen.

With this in mind, we hope that you will be able to ask many questions to the iris technicians on the day.



127 Shikinami-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

Kyoto Shibori Crafts Museum

TEL: 075-221-4252

Fax: 075-221-4253


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