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Hon Bitta Shibori

Pick up one dot, fold it in four, wrap the silk thread around 5 to 7 times, and tie it tightly twice at the root. When tying, the thread and the thimble of the paper play against each other and a loud sound is heard.


Hari Bitta Shibori

Also known as Yotsumaki shibori or Yokobiki Shibori, a special needle is attached on a wooden shibori stand, the fabric is hooked on the needle, and the fabric is wound four times with cotton thread.


Oke Shibori

A type of dyeing technique to dye fabric separately. Using a special cypress tub, the part to be dyed is taken out of the tub, and the part to be resist dyed is put in the tub.


​Chu-boushi Shibori

If the diameter of the pattern is 3 cm or more, the pattern will not come out accurately or the dyeing liquid will enter from the back side of the fabric, so put the core on the back side to prevent penetration and resist dyeing with plastic sheet. Nowadays, resin cores are often used, but in the past, wood cores and paper cores (hardly wrapped newspaper) were used.


​Nuishime Shibori

The most basic shibori method. You can resist dyeing by sewing with a certain number of stitches according to the pattern and tightening the thread. If the tightening method is weak, the color will leak. The point is to adjust how to sew and tighten.


​Kodai Ishigake Shibori 

When the fabric is gathered and stuffed by hand in a cage made of wood and bamboo, pebbles are laid on it, and the dye is poured with a watering can to dye it, a pattern with fine shades of color is created.


Tatsumaki Shibori​

Using a toriguchi-shaped shibori stand, put the core on the back of the fabric to make it into a round bar, and wind the thread in a spiral. The name comes from the fact that the pattern looks like a tornado.


Hotaru Shibori​

From the front and back of the cloth, sandwich it with cotton and dye it. It creates cute polka dots with ambiguous outlines, and it got this name because it looks like the light of a firefly. Also called Hotaru Bokashi.

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