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Kimono maintenance window


Please leave the maintenance of the kimono to the Kyoto Shibori Crafts Center and the Kyoto Shibori Artisan Group of Kyoto Shiborikai!!


Recently, we have received an increasing number of inquiries regarding the maintenance of kimonos.


The kimono store that I used to work with has closed down, and there are few specialty stores where I can feel free to consult.


As a company responsible for kimono culture, we hope that you will continue to love and use our works that have taken time and effort.


At the Kyoto Shibori Crafts Museum, there are maintenance specialists on standby.


Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or the form below.


Example) Stain removal, washing, resizing, tailoring from cloth, etc., kimono, nagusa undergarment, fukuro obi, Nagoya obi, shrine visit, etc.

* In principle, we will consult with you after seeing the actual product.

*Please feel free to contact us regarding anything other than the kimono you purchased at our association.

TEL: 075-221-4252

Fax: 075-221-4253


〒604-8261 Kyoto Shibori Crafts Museum

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