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昭 和 十 四 年 創 業

Since 1939


Yoshioka Jin Shoten


At the "Yoshioka Jin Shoten" attached to the Kyoto Shibori Museum, you can shop for products made by Kyoto Shibori craftsmen (Kyoto Shibori Museum).


Early Showa period Horikawa-dori

Since 1939

Yoshioka Jin Shoten

"Kyo-kanoko Shibori", a traditional craft that represents Japan


Yoshioka Jin Shoten was founded by Yoshioka Jinzaemon in 1939,


in the back alley opposite the Kyoto Shibori Museum.


After the war, he resumed work, and Yoshioka Jin Shoten has been making shibori products for more than 80 years since then.

Now, not only kimono, but also bags, parasols, and western clothing.


"Shiro hakucho", "Kyo-Kanoko Shibori", "ZINIQ", "ZINIQ Aburanokoji"


We have four original brands.


Yoshioka Jinzaemon

In front of Nijo Castle in the early Showa period

Succession of shibori technology

The skills of each craftsman are passed down from parent to child, and some craftsmen work together for three generations.

There are many new techniques and items, but some techniques are already lost.


2nd generation of Yoshioka Jin Shoten / Director of Kyoto Shibori Museum

Kenji Yoshioka

Kyoto Shibori Museum

​​ Feel more comfortable with traditional crafts,


Kenji Yoshioka, the second generation of Yoshioka Jin Shoten, established the Kyoto Shibori Museum in 2001.

The works such as folding screens, kichō, and framed pictures that have been created so far.

Today, we provide works to museums overseas such as Poland and Indonesia.


Signing sister museum relationship with overseas museums and national universities, etc.


We are spreading Japanese shibori to the world.



The future of shibori

"shibori" is so popular that it can be used in Japanese in the world.


The current Yoshioka Jin Shoten is managed by the 3rd generation Nobumasa Yoshioka (Deputy Director of Kyoto Shibori Museum).


Not only in Japan, but also to the world .

Our Youtube channenl  introduces Japanese shiboiri technology in 7 languages.


Many shibori enthusiasts from all over the world come to the Kyoto Shibori Museum.

"Shibori" is so popular that it can be used in Japanese in the world.


We will continue to protect this world-class technology.

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