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Distributor name: Yoshioka Jin Shoten Co., Ltd.


Sales manager: Nobumasa Yoshioka

Location: 135-5 Shikiamicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 6048261

Phone number: 075-221-24544

Payment methods: credit card, paypal

Product delivery time: We will ship within 5 business days from your order. (Excluding New Year holidays and Obon holidays)
You cannot specify the shipping company.


Necessary charges other than the product: Shipping fee 790 yen to 7,200 yen.

In case of initial failure (damage, stain, etc.) or product difference, please contact us within one week after receiving the product. If a substitute is available, we will send it to you promptly. The cost will be borne by us. In the unlikely event that a substitute is not available, we will refund it.


Items to be returned or exchanged:
・When a product different from the ordered product is delivered ・When a different quantity from the ordered product is delivered ・When the product is dirty, scratched, or damaged (excluding protective bags and packaging boxes)
・Other cases when the Company deems appropriate

In principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience.


Email address:

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