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Shibori Choju-giga Commentary

*written in English below

For the first time, we shot a video of the director explaining 'the long shibori Choju-jinbutsu-giga silk scroll' in a humorous way, and uploaded it to YouTube.

It is explained in three parts: [part1], [part2], and [part3].

This work, which is 1 meter wide and 35 meters long (seamless, one piece of fabric), is very impressive and is very popular not only with shibori fans but also with Choju-giga fans.



This is the first video, so the director is still a bit nervous halfway through!? Enjoy the memorable first video.



Who is the culprit in the middle of the video, 'Suspense theater !?'



Shibori choju-giga characters are also working hard toward the Tokyo Olympic! What will appear at the end of the video?


We realized that it was difficult to convey with just the sentences and pictures on the website, but with this kind of video shooting, we can do a lot of things.

We will continue to make more videos about shibori and spread 'shibori' to people all over the world.


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