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#9 SHIBORI The great wave off Kanagawa

In the previous blog#8, the work of Tako-boushi shibori was explained in detail with valuable videos.

In #9 this time, the fabric that was tied with the boushi shibori technique is dyed in dark blue.


This work requires more than eight times dyeing. To complete this work, the process of tying, dyeing and untying the fabric, and then re-tying, dyeing and untying the fabric is repeated over and over again.

This dyeing is the 5th dyeing count.

It is the first time in the dyeing career of this dyeing craftsman for half a century to dye more than 8 times in one work production.

This time, the dark blue part of the wave part (the part surrounded by red) is dyed in dark blue.


In order to dye the fabric more beautifully, discharging is required before dyeing the fabric.


After making the dye, dyeing will start.


It is checked whether the fabric is dyed properly (especially the part where the colors are separated).


The fabric is dyed in the color shown in the color sample to complete.


A digest video from discharging work to dehydration work.

After dyeing


Next time, in the great wave off Kanagawa #10, this dyed fabric will be untied and tied again to proceed to the next process.


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