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Shibori tool kit 【Hari-hitta shibori】【Kasamaki Shibori 】【Nuishime Shibori】

Shibori tool kit 【Hari-hitta shibori】【Kasamaki Shibori 】【Nuishime Shibori】


Shibori tool set


The U-shaped metal tool is used for Kasamaki shibori and nuishime shibori.


The metal tool with a needle is for Hari-bitta shibori.


Pine resin (powder) is used to attach the needle to the tool or to adjust the length of the needle.

By heating under the hole near the tip of the metal tool with fire, the pine resin inside will melt, and you will be able to attach the needle and adjust the length of the needle.


If you feel that there is few pine resin inside, add this powder from the hole in the metal tool.



・ spool (with cotton thread) x1

・ Metal tool (for kasamaki shibori and nuishime shibori) x1

・ Metal tool (for hari-bitta shibori) x1

・ pine resin (powder) x1

・ Spare needle x1


It can be used like a sample photo.


* This product does not come with a wooden stand, screws, etc. in the sample photo.




tool with stand is also on sale

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We recommend this catalog, which is easy to understand with pictures.

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* Each piece is hand dyed. Unlike printed on paper, so there may be some differences.

Also, the color of the image may differ slightly from the actual one depending on the environment of your computer.

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