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The Art of Japanese SHIBORI [English] download version

The Art of Japanese SHIBORI [English] download version

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You can download only the English version of 【The Art of Japanese Shibori(DVD)】.


Introduction: 11 shibori techiques
Director: Kyoto Shinori Museum
Release year: 2017
Language : English
Time : 37 minutes movie (MP4 1gb)


You can see the craftsman's skill # 11 technique in one movie.

You can deeply understand the production process of tie-dyeing.


- Contents -
*Digest of the process of Shibori

*Hon-hitta shibori

*Hari-hitta shibori

*Oke shibori

*Boushi shibori

*Nuishime shibori

*Kago-rouketsu shibori

*Tatsumaki shibori

*Te-kumo shibori

*Miura shibrori

*Mishin shibori


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* Each piece is hand dyed. Unlike printed on paper, so there may be some differences.

Also, the color of the image may differ slightly from the actual one depending on the environment of your computer.

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