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Cotton parasol, asanoha pattern, sumi-iro

Cotton parasol, asanoha pattern, sumi-iro


The line of Asanoha is expressed by shibori, a technique called Itajime shibori is used and dyeid it with a different dyeing method than usual.


It is a very beautiful parasol because the white lines and parts look like they are shining.


You can also enjoy the pattern that you can see from inside when using it.


It is made firmly with 8 bones.


Bamboo is used at hand.


Sewing is also carefully produced by an umbrella craftsman in Kyoto.


Overall length of umbrella: 78 cm


Umbrella diameter: 80 cm


Ribbon length: 47 cm


Gross weight: 260g



* A part of the sales of the products is used for the production of works and the work of craftsmen to connect the technique of shibori dyeing to the future.

* Each piece is hand dyed. Unlike printed on paper, so there may be some differences.

Also, the color of the image may differ slightly from the actual one depending on the environment of your computer.

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