set content:

Stick wooden pattern (width 1.5 cm, thickness 5 mm, length 22 cm) x 2

Stick wooden pattern (width 2.0 cm, thickness 5 mm, length 22 cm) x 2

Round S (Diameter 4 cm, Thickness 1 cm) x 2

Round L (diameter 6 cm, thickness 1 cm) x 2

Heart S (center height 3.5 cm, thickness 1.5 cm) x 2

Heart L (center height 5.5 cm, thickness 1.5 cm) x 2

Clamp x2

sample sheet x1


It is a set of wooden tools used in the workshop of the itajime shibori scarf at the Kyoto Shibori Museum


Enjoy endless possibilities with various types of combinations!

Because it is a wood material, it expands when immersed in water, so it can be dye-proofed firmly and express a beautiful dyeing line.

itajime shibori wooden set


    *Each piece is a hand dyed. It may be a little different because it is a "dying" unlike printed matter on paper. Also, the color of the image may differ slightly from the actual one depending on the environment of your computer. Please note.