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#6 SHIBORI The great wave off Kanagawa

In the previous blog #5, the process of tying to resist dyeing the wave part with the Taiko-boushi shibori technique.

In #6 this time, the wave part is dyed in blue.


First, soak the fabric in hot water or water before dyeing it. (This process is called 'Yudoushi' / 'Jiire')


Before starting the dyeing process, checking the color on the sample fabric and the dye with dyer's own eyes. Many years of experience and knowledge are required.

The color of the dye that you actually see and the color of the dyed fabric are different.

Checking the color and concentration of the dye


The fabric is dyed with a dye of 70 degrees centigrade. During dyeing, it is checked many times to see if the fabric is dyed well, and the fabric is gradually dyed to match the color according to the color sample. When the fabric is dyed to a satisfactory color, it is rinsed with water and dehydrated to complete the dyeing process.


After dehydrating the fabric, the fabric is dried in the drying room.


The white has been dyed in different colors. It will take some time to complete, but all the craftsmen will do their best as a team!


Next, in #7, this dyed fabric will be untied.

To be continued


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