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#4 SHIBORI The great wave off Kanagawa

In the previous article #3, the process of dyeing the ship part was explained. The dyed fabric is untied in this article #4.

The photo shows the dyed fabric not yet untied.


The shibori process is all division of labor. The work of untying the threads used for tying is also an important process that requires many years of experience. How much force is applied, the way of how to cut threads with scissors, untie the thread, being careful not to tear the fabric. A big responsibility, failure is not allowed!

Various untying scenes

Also this time, many vinyl sheets are used because the fabric is resist dyed over a wide area using the saka-boushi technique. Since 6 thin thin vinyl sheets (0.03mm) are layered, the overlapping part becomes one large solid vinyl block. You can check it in the video.


It is not cluttered at the beginning, but when it's all finished, the floor is as you can see threads and vinyl plastic.


Six pieces of untied fabric lined up in a row.


This is the end of #4.

Next time, in #5, in order to dye the wave part with blue, the fabric is tied again with the Saka-boushi shibori technique and the Tako-boushi shibori technique.

To be continued


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