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#12 SHIBORI The great wave off Kanagawa

In the previous blog #11, the fabric was tied to dye the sky part with the gradation dyeing technique. In this blog #12, the load part on the ship ( the part surrounded by red in the photo below), which is the last dyeing part of this work.


In order to dye only the load part on the ship, all other parts are covered with plastic sheet to prevent dyeing.

This time, four pieces of fabric are tied and dyed. Three fabrics are bundled with a yellow string for easier dyeing.

The part surrounded by blue is the human part (white color) on the ship. It is a part that has not been untied even once since the beginning of dyeing.


A photo after the dyeing process.


A fabric after untying

The yellow part is the ship, the dark blue part is the load part, and the four tied parts are the human part.

If you see the fabric from the back, you can see that each part that is tied has a core.


A photo of the untied fabric. The sky, white waves, blue waves, ships, and other parts have gradually become visible.