Shibori class at the museum

Learn and enjoy shibori 


let's make wonderful memories

and works with us!!

Free admission to the museum

After the class, you can see a special exhibition at the museum while the fabric is being dried.

Click here for special exhibition contents

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The Kyoto Shibori Museum's shibori class is to avoid close contact between customers.

You can enjoy the class in the private space of each group.

Sekka shibori

Fee: 3,850 yen

​Duration:30 minutes ~

Itajime shibori

Fee: 4,400 yen

​Duration: 30 minutes ~

Kyo-arashi shibori

Fee: 5,500 yen

Duration: 30 minutes ~​

Kasamaki + Nuishime

Fee: 5,500 yen

Duration: 60 minutes​ ~

Sekka shibori

Fee: 5,500 yen

Duration: 30 minutes ~​

​・You can take the created work home with you on the day.

・The museum admission fee is free as a benefit for all classes

・One person, school trips, tours and other groups can also enjoy.

 *There is a group discount for more than 15 people for the Itajime shibori scarf class

・English is available for all classes​ (reservation is recommended)

Premium shibori class

Learn from craftsmen

Boushi shibori・Chu-boushi shibori

Fee: 13,000 yen pp (when booking for more than 2 people)

​Duration:180 minutes ~

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