It is not a printed T-shirt, it is not mass-produced.

A tight cotton T-shirt is tie-dyed.

Only one shibori dye in the world!

tying, dyeing, rinsing, untying, and steaming, all processes are done by hand and completed.

Feel the special feelings of craftsmen!

We recommend washing with water. Use detergent that does not contain bleach.

Size M

Sleeve length: About 19 cm

Height: about 65 cm

Width of a garment: approximately 47cm

Material: 100% cotton

Kasamaki + Nuishime Rose M size


    *Each piece is a hand dyed. It may be a little different because it is a "dying" unlike printed matter on paper. Also, the color of the image may differ slightly from the actual one depending on the environment of your computer. Please note.