This bag is very popular at the museum shop of the Kyoto Shibori Museum.

Only the Kanoko pattern is used, with no unnecessary patterns. The fabric is of course silk dyed.

It weighs 430g! It is lighter than a 500ml bottle!

There is also a zip on the mouth. When it's a hassle to open it, both sides have no zips so you can quickly put things in and out!

This price is possible because it is sold directly! ! It is also recommended as a gift

Pearl tone processed (water repellent)

Material: 100% silk Handle: Synthetic leather

Size: 23 cm x 30 cm

kanoko bag red


    *Each piece is a hand dyed. It may be a little different because it is a "dying" unlike printed matter on paper. Also, the color of the image may differ slightly from the actual one depending on the environment of your computer. Please note.