We will deliver the popular shibori experience of Kyoto Shibori Museum! !!

Let's dye a wonderful silk scarf!


Each scarf takes about 1 hour and you can watch the instruction manual with pictures and the explanation videos on the internet, so even beginners can enjoy dyeing a nice silk scarf!


A set of dyes, fabrics and tools necessary for the experience. Enjoy at home with your family and friends.


A lot of dye is also included, so please make a lot of wonderful works using this kit even after the experience! (In addition to silk, various materials are dyed. With the enclosed scarf, up to 10 pieces can be dyed with 2 colors and up to 20 pieces with 1 color. T-shirts are also acceptable.)


Please try various designs and making things! !!



・ Silk georgette cloth x 1 piece (46 cm x 180 cm) ・ Dye: Red, blue, yellow 3 in total ・ Dyeing container x 2 pieces ・ Acrylic plate x 4 pieces ・ Clamp x 1 piece ・ Lightweight spoon x 1 piece ・ Instruction book, sample Sheet

Kyoto shibori dyeing kit