絞り染め神奈川沖浪裏#7 The great wave off Kanagawa

Updated: Oct 16, 2020


In the previous article #6, the wave part was dyed in blue. And in this article #7, the dyed fabric is untied for moving on to the next process.

染め上がり生地 / Fabric after dyed



Scissors are used to untied the dyed fabric. The part wrapped in plastic sheet is the part that was resist dyed.

The moment the fabric comes out of the plastic sheet is well worth to seeing. Please watch the video!

解き終わりの写真 / A photo after untying


These are photo of the past dyed and untied fabric up to the article #7. Little by little, it is becoming possible to see the structure of the entire work. Steadily moving toward completion.



In the next #8, the fabric is re-tied to dye the wave part in deep dark blue.

It will be explained in detail using many videos.


To be continued

※絞り染め神奈川沖浪裏 巨大几帳は京都絞りフェア2020 in 銀座(2020年11月27日~11月30日)で初公開予定です。

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