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Kyoto shibori craftsmen  Kyoto Koueikai


The Kyoto Koueikai is a group of artisans who protect and convey the traditional Kyokanoko Shibori, one of Japan's leading traditional crafts.

The group was formed in 1939 by a group of craftsmen, who originally started from a fellowship of craftsmen.

For shibori-dyeing, all the various manual processes are performed by division of labor, and it is important to teamwork between craftsmen and coordinate the craftsmen.


Our manufacturing is from pattern design to pattern-cutting, drawing, dyeing, thread untying, and finishing.

Some works take more than a year to build.


Succession of shibori techniques

The skills of each craftsman are passed down from parent to child, and some members of the Kyoto koueikai work together for three generations.

In the long history of shibori-dyeing, which is the oldest dyeing and weaving in Japan, 1300 years, many techniques were born and lost due to the accumulation of the wisdom of our ancestors.

There are many techniques that cannot be reproduced nowadays, and many new techniques were born from new ideas.

  "My work remains in posterity. So, I do a surprising job."

It is also the pride and joy of the Kyoto Koueikai craftsmen that all the craftsmen work together as one.

And, we now also would like to continue to protect this technology to be proud of in the world.

Nobumasa Yoshioka, Representative of Kyoto Koueikai

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