Special exhibition
Beautiful Shibori World
January 5th-May 5th, 2022

Width 6.5m x height 3m
Huge silk screen Hokusai "Fine Wind, Clear Morning"

Hokusai's masterpiece and world-famous painting, "Fine Wind, Clear Morning" is a motif of a huge kichō (width 6.5mx height 3m)
The huge silk screen was completed by shibori craftspeople in Kyoto. The precise total shibori Kanoko is a must-see.

写真 2021-10-14 9 47 51.jpg

From design to final sewing, the work is completed through many processes.

写真 2021-10-14 9 50 39.jpg

Features of the work

Three-dimensional effect
(Sky part, Mt. Fuji)
Nuishime shibori, Hitta shibori, Miura shibori

Dyeing with advanced shibori technique
(Dyeing the sky and mountains separately, resist dyeing the snow part)
Oke shibori, Boushi shibori

Careful planning, complicated process content
(Sketch, carving, sewing, shibori, dyeing, undoing, steaming, sewing, etc.)
The shibori process and dyeing process are repeated many times.

​You can also see the creation process of this work on YouTube.

An advanced technique called "Oke shibori" is used to dye the sky and Mt. Fuji in the work.


The sky and Mt. Fuji dyeing commentary blog
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The director of the Kyoto Shibori Museum will explain the oke shibori demonstration in detail.
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Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Admission fee:
800 yen for adults 
500 yen for junior high and high school students
300 yen for elementary school students

Closed: Irregular
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This work was created to connect the shibori technology to the future through the fund of the Kyoto Shibori Promotion Association.